Oscar Tulkens
Hi, my name is Oscar. I'm an independent game developer/designer.
I've enjoyed the excitement of making games ever since I found out I could write small programs on my graphing calculator at the age of 15.
From then on I delved into the world of making games and decided to pursue a carreer in Game Design.
At this point in time I've developed many games and prototypes. The most recent one is Bumpy Boats. A mobile game of which I'm very proud. It's available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Right now I'm working on a game with a larger scope called:"Final Hold: Eldenwald", but that project is still in an early stage of development.
When I was 8 years old, I started playing the guitar.
Doing this made me realise how much I actually loved music.
Over the years I've played in, and managed several bands.
I taught myself how to use Logic Pro X (Apple's DAW) and how to record and mix music for the bands I was in.
When I started making games I didn't think this knowledge would be very relevant, until I realised that games also need A LOT of music.
So I delved into the world of video game music and soundeffects.
When I had to pick a subject to research for our Graduation work module, I decided to research adapative music and sound design for video games.
This allowed me to learn how to use software such as Wwise and Fmod.
I'm proud to say that I created the music for almost every project I've worked on so far, and for some projects made by friends of mine.